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Paint booth
Industrial and commercial paint jobs


Our paint team is lead by ASE and I-CAR Certified Painter Rick Torres. Rick has over 20 years’ experience in automotive and industrial paint. He’s got an eye for quality and a passion for color. His team is ready to tackle your next paint project no matter the size.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team for a free estimate at (661) 328-3740.

  • Factory certified in Aluminum Repair for Ford and Kia
  • From minor touchups to complete paint jobs, check out Jim Burke Collision Care’s Automotive and Industrial Paint
  • The choice is yours, California state law allows you to have your vehicle repaired anywhere you choose so check out Jim Burke Collision Care’s Collision and Automotive Insurance Repair
  • I-Car Gold Certified, trained on the latest repair techniques and factory standards, welcome to Body Repair
  • Working with all insurance companies in Jim Burke Collision Care’s Collision Repair
  • Our Dent Repair, quality backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Fleet and Commercial Services, because Jim Burke Collision Care understands that when your truck is down, so is your business
  • Jim Burke Collision Care has the machines and tools capable of takin gon major Frame Repairs
  • You shouldn’t have to pay to find out the cost of your repair, that’s why Jim Burke Collision Care offers Free Estimates


  • Do I have to use Aftermarket or used parts?

    Depending on your insurance policy you may be able to request that only OEM parts are used to repair your vehicle. Contact your insurance provider to find out. You can also always pay the additional cost to install OEM parts on your vehicle if you insurance provider refuses. Our staff will work with you to get you the best price on the best parts manufactured by the OEM.

  • Can I use any repair facility I choose?

    Many insurance companies will direct you to specific shops. These direct repair facilities work directly with the insurance company and often have automated payment processes. If you are directed to one of these shops you have the right to use any shop you choose.

  • What is a supplement?

    Supplemental damage is additional repairs or broken parts that where not found during when the insurance adjuster wrote the initial claim.

  • How long will my vehicle be in the shop?

    Typically it takes three days to order and receive the parts required to repair the vehicle. The average shop can complete 3.5 to 5.0 hrs of body work per day. Therefore a repair with parts and 20 hrs of labor will be in the shop for at least 7 days. That is three days waiting for parts and 4 days of actual repair time.

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